Who We Are


At MCM, we combine high-quality investments and centralized financial planning with the personal service of a boutique. As fundamental investors and experienced wealth managers, our professionals have a passion for helping clients simplify their financial affairs and achieve long-term objectives through a comprehensive approach and bespoke solutions.

What We Do

  • Investment Management
  • Develop Customized Investment Solutions
  • Consultative and Client-Centered Wealth Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Internal Research and Multi-Faceted Investment Process
  • Daily Portfolio and Risk Monitoring
  • Keep You Informed with Insights from our Investment Team

Differences That Matter


100% employee-owned and free from outside influence. Managing your assets in-house reinforces our independent outlook and proprietary research.


Our process, results, and fees are completely transparent so that you always know where you stand, how you are performing, and what you are paying.

Focus & Expertise

Our team is committed to continued education, certification, and experience in all aspects of wealth — including investment planning, retirement income planning, taxation, inter-generational wealth coordination, and philanthropy.


Over time, your needs and objectives may change, and our approach may, too. Our portfolios allow for high-level customization given client-specific risk, return, liquidity, accounting, and tax considerations.


Founded on the principal that owning high-quality companies over long time periods can provide superior risk-adjusted returns, MCM adheres to a disciplined investment process backed by internally generated research to deliver a range of distinct investment strategies. Quantitative screens and qualitative analysis help us to identify investment opportunities, which are presented and examined by our investment teams, who work together to evaluate expected returns and potential portfolio allocations. Opportunities are implemented in portfolios designed around our clients’ specific needs and objectives. We believe staying fully invested with the appropriate allocation for your risk tolerance and investment objective is the best way to attain long-term success.

We leverage top industry technologies and service providers, including:

Take Comfort in Our Shared Goals

Alongside high-level expertise and a strong commitment to our research-based investment process,
you can expect full transparency and communication from our team in terms of your financial picture.

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