The MCM Dividend Growth Equity (DGE) strategy seeks to provide above-average yield and total return by investing in a concentrated portfolio of high-quality, large-cap companies that offer strong potential for dividend and earnings growth. Our portfolio typically consists of 35 stocks with a track record of both paying and growing dividends.

Rooted in the belief that growth and income aren’t mutually exclusive, the MCM Investment Team’s unique approach to equity income investing focuses on companies with attractive and sustainable revenue growth profiles in addition to yield.

Best suited for: long-term investors seeking consistent income with moderate growth and moderate risk.


  • Above-Average Yield: Generate a dividend yield greater than the broader equity market.
  • High-Quality: Focus on strong cash flows, solid balance sheets, growing profitability, and reasonable dividend payout ratios.
  • Dividend Growth: Complement sustained or high-dividend-paying companies with growing companies well-positioned to increase dividends over time in a sustainable manner.

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