Balanced Concentrated Growth Equity

The MCM Balanced Concentrated Growth strategy seeks to provide a well-diversified portfolio of equities and fixed income with a primary objective of growth and a secondary objective of income generation. Accounts have an asset allocation range of 70/30 to 50/50 equities to fixed income. Equities are primarily large-cap growth equities and fixed income securities are primarily taxable.

Best suited for: investors looking for growth with reduced portfolio volatility.


  • High-Conviction: The equity portion of our portfolio consists of twenty-five common stocks that represent our best ideas in the large-cap growth universe.
  • Balanced: Equities are complemented with high-quality individual bonds of various industry groups and maturities to provide diversification and reduced volatility.
  • Risk-Conscious Management: For stocks and bonds alike, we focus on risk management with the goal of generating competitive risk adjusted returns for our clients.

Portfolio Construction & Managemen

  • Research ideas are generated internally.
  • We gather data from independent sources and do not rely on Wall Street (“sell-side”) research during our decision-making process.
  • When considering a new investment for inclusion in the strategy, we prepare a deep-dive research report.
  • The Investment Team seeks to eliminate market emotion, both good and bad, from the decision-making process. Instead focusing on the long-term prospects of our holdings and the market.
  • Once a company is added to the portfolio, ongoing maintenance research is conducted, and each holding is officially reviewed every calendar quarter. This analysis is used for portfolio adjustments (trim, sell, add).
  • Disciplined review process provides strict guidelines to sell existing holdings in favor of better ideas.

Strategy Documents

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